Why E-commerce Is Important in 2018

With online shopping becoming so dominant in retail over the last few years, it makes sense to try your hand at entering e-commerce yourself in 2018. With that being said, here are just a few reasons why it is so important for the year ahead.

Online Shopping Has Overtaken Physical Retail

Over the past few years, online shopping has become a total force in retail, overtaking many high street brands and companies that have reigned for many, many years. In the UK, for example, Asos overtook Marks and Spencer just two months ago (at the time of writing) in shares, its market value boosting to £4.89 billion.

So, it’s safe to say there’s a massive demand for e-commerce, and that demand is only growing stronger over time. There’s never been a more suitable time to try your hand at an online store of your own. Don’t worry about the amount of big, booming businesses that may be in the way – be innovative enough and you’ll quickly surge towards popularity.

You Have More of a Reach

With physical stores being such a lasting feature in malls and strips, it’s understandable many start-ups want to aim for an actual store in the beginning. But consider the reach you can get with an online store – there’s simply no limits when it comes to the internet.

You can reach international audiences that wouldn’t have known about your store should you have gone down the physical route. This is especially important should you be offering a product or service that has worldwide potential – find your own space in a busy, popular market, and offer something your competitors have yet to think of.

Your Brand Will Be Broadened

With your reach comes an extension and expansion of your brand – e-commerce will allow you to get your name out there and become a prominent force in the market. Make a name for yourself through e-commerce, and you’ll find you become one of the biggest and most important brands in the market.

Be sure to have a clear brand identity established that flows through the online store and upon your products, in order to cement yourself as a driving force and an innovator.

Social Media is King

When using e-commerce to establish your company and brand, it’s terribly important you’re also utilising social media to draw customers in. Think about it – how many companies have you seen benefit from innovative social media campaigns? Countless stores use things such as Twitter and Facebook to both advertise and interact with customers old and new.

Social media is also a good way to remedy any potential issues customers may have, as well as answering queries presented to you. For instantaneous and effective feedback and communication, a well-run social media presence is key.

You Can Offer a Personal Experience

With e-commerce, you can also cater to your customers more personally than any other form of retail. Consider features that will allow them to create profiles and favourite products and services. Cater to their desires by listening to feedback and tracking their purchases, in order to keep them coming back.

There are plenty of other reasons why e-commerce is more important than ever in 2018 – don’t hesitate to discover said reasons by embarking on your very own journey.

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