Why Employee Health Should Be Your Main Priority in Business

If you own a business and have a team of people working for you, you have a duty of care to pay attention to their health. Encouraging employee health and providing what is needed for optimal health is key to ensuring your employees are happy and your business continues to thrive.

Many business owners put a huge focus on making money and ensuring their customers are happy, but the smart few understand how crucial it is that employee health is a priority. Read on to learn why.

Fewer Sick and Down Days Means More Productivity

It should go without saying that employee health leads to more productivity. If employees are sick, off work, and feeling under the weather in general, you’re going to struggle to keep your workplace afloat. You can’t monitor and manage every single minute your employees are in the workplace, but you can ensure they are healthy and happy, keeping them coming in to work and doing the things they should be doing. Employees who are healthy and feel valued by their employer are more likely to go above and beyond for you and your customers, too.

Wellness Benefits Can Help to Boost Morale

If you provide wellness benefits, they can boost morale for your employees. Employees don’t just want to feel ok while they are at work – they want to feel like they are making the most of the time they have and that they are doing something worthwhile. Wellness programs often have a social element to them, and this can lead to a sense of community among co-workers, warding off negative feelings and aiding employee retention.

Also, many wellness programs have a social element to them. This can make people feel a sense of community with their fellow co-workers, which can ward off negative feelings and even aid employee retention.

Unhealthy Employees Cost More Money

Employees who are always sick are going to cost your business money. It can hurt your company in many ways, and you could be more to blame for this than you think. Employees who are always sick will take more time off work. Companies may even need to invest in temporary employees when team members take time off sick. Mental and physical health are equally as important in business to reduce sick days.

Healthy Employees Will Stay With Your Business for Longer

Employee turnover can come at a high cost, but if you keep your employees healthy, they will stay with you for longer. Replacing an employee in a company can cost up to 33% of their annual salary. Making sure your employees look forward to coming in to work and that they feel valued are important parts of keeping turnover at a minimum.

It Is Your Duty of Care as an Employer

When employees are coming in to work for you 5 days a week, it is your duty of care to ensure that you look after their health and wellbeing. This will not only make your business better as a whole, but you could make a positive impact on people’s lives. In fact, there are a number of things you should look into to ensure your team stays healthy, including why you need a HIPPA Policy. Make sure you have everything in place to keep your team happy and healthy in the workplace, both physically and mentally.

When you keep your team healthy, you keep your company healthy. If your people are unhealthy then you will suffer some pretty devastating downtime as a result. They are your backbone, and make a huge difference to your organization. Without people giving up the majority of their day to come and work for you, you wouldn’t have much of a business. Make sure you show them how much they matter to you and how you value them by putting in the effort to care for their health.

As well as employee retention, a boost in morale, and better productivity, you will likely notice a healthier company culture and plenty of other benefits. You will also build a strong reputation as a business, which will help you when employees do leave later on down the line. You may not be able to get your employees to stay with you forever, but you can certainly make sure you attract people from a high quality pool of talent if you take care of those who work for you! Invest in your team, and you will find it more than worth the cost.

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