Price Reporter Federal Market Intelligence Tools Are the Solution You Need!

Meet a one-stop solution to perform government market research, price comparison, track government contracts transactions, and find the most profitable niches on the federal market. Price Reporter presents its fascinating set of Federal Market Intelligence tools that will literally reinvent the way you research the federal market.

What Are Price Reporter’s Federal Market Intelligence Tools?

With over 17 years in the federal contracting business under our belt, Price Reporter has gathered a huge array of practical information on how to scan the market for new opportunities. And now the company is willing to share the experience in the form of straightforward and easy to use tools.

In particular, Price Reporter offers competition analysis tools and market research databases. Let’s take a deeper look.

Competitive Analysis Tools

Learning about competition is key to staying ahead of it. This rule of thumb is still applicable to the federal market. It may seem that it should be harder to investigate competitors when it comes to government contracts. And as a matter of fact, it is. But armed with the right tools, you can learn a lot even from the publicly available data.

Price Reporter’s tools to perform competitive analysis are:

  • GSA Pricing tool. This Price Reporter Federal Market Intelligence tool allows you to estimate your prices in comparison with other contractors. Competitive pricing is crucial to win GSA awards, because price lists are one of the major factors the Procurement Officer would consider when awarding a contract.

  • GSA Transaction tool. This tool allows you to monitor all sales on the GSA Advantage platform and on the Department of Defense FedMall. You can see what your competitors sell the most, the buying agency and the contract number, among other available parameters. Knowing such procurement data allows you to make informed decisions when you construct your own offer to the GSA.

  • Top selling competition report. This tool presents you with a detailed list of top sellers in the selected GSA MAS category or SIN. Not only does this tool enable you to spy on competition, but it also allows you to identify the highly demanded products to add to your contract.

Market Research Databases

Understanding the federal market is vital for selecting a niche, within which to sell your product, for bidding with the right prices, and for preparing the offer in response to RFQs and RFPs. Price Reporter offers a number of market research tools that can prove to be extremely helpful in these cases.

  • Trend tool. This tool is irreplaceable to identify upcoming trends on the government market. The tool parses federal market data available from various public sources such as the Government Spending Analysis tool, GSA Advantage, Schedule Sales Query Plus, and other platforms, and consolidates the data into one knowledge base that clearly visualizes trending markets, SINs, and categories.

  • GSA and FedMall sales analysis. This federal market intelligence tool developed by Price Reporter’s specialists is a powerful utility to discover market opportunities often overlooked by others. The tool gathers public contract data and structures it so to provide a clear insight into fruitful niches waiting for federal contract awards.

  • Historical sales data. Sometimes it is worth taking a look at the past in order to better understand the future. Price Reporter’s sales tool displays sales data for the given SINs and Schedules from previous years to figure out your potential sales opportunities for the future.

What Other Tools Does Price Reporter Provide?

Aside from the tools and services for pre-award market and competition analysis, Price Reporter also provides a number of other powerful options including:

  • GSA order management. The Price Reporter order management system allows you to track government orders, manage payment systems, automate catalog and inventory management, and create reports.

  • EDI integration. The Price Reporter order management tool allows you to seamlessly integrate Electronic Data Interchange functionality into your business processes.

  • Order fulfillment software. Thanks to Price Reporter tools, you can also automate the entire order fulfillment process including receiving, processing, packing and delivering the order.

These tools are designed with a federal contractor in mind, so you will find them the most straightforward and easy to use, just like the Federal Market Intelligence tools we’ve described earlier in this article.

Who Are Price Reporter?

Price Reporter is a devoted team of federal contracting professionals helping small and medium sized businesses to enter the federal market and manage their government contracts. Currently, the company manages over 1000 GSA contracts, and more than 350 contracts were awarded to Price Reporter’s clients thanks to the company’s efforts.

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