How to Reduce Office Costs in Auckland with a Serviced Office

While technology advances and changes the way we work, businesses will always be faced with finding ways to reduce cost, even in an office market that has been so streamlined through technology. In fact, commercial real estate that required businesses to fork over large sums of money to secure premium office space is giving way to serviced office companies that can fund office space in some of the same premium locations at a much-reduced price. In New Zealand’s more lucrative markets, businesses are finding the serviced office can be a part of a long-term plan to reduce costs.

For one, reducing costs associated with managing a business without sacrificing your professional image is actually a realistic goal in a tech-laden business landscape. The modern Kiwi business can reduce their costs without sacrificing by taking a two-pronged approach to office management. For one, look for cost-saving ways to lease office space, and two, pare down your office budget.

Continue reading to learn more about how to reduce office costs in Auckland by utilising a serviced office.

Economise Your Office Space

Reducing office costs really requires businesses take inventory of their business affairs, which includes assessing their office space needs. Auckland is like most other cities that support a thriving CBD in that the office rents are somewhat high. However, businesses have the serviced office, coworking and the virtual office as much cheaper options in office space. Servcorp’s Auckland virtual office helps run your business without the costs of a physical suite, and the office work style saves your business in other ways as well. Then, the coworking space is another way that professionals can lease space while gaining the added benefit of lowering overhead and meeting dynamic professionals.

Go Paperless

The virtual office moves your entire office into the online landscape simplifying much of the modern office. For one, with newer technologies providing businesses online apps, your business will find that its reliance on printer ink and paper significantly reduced. In addition to the old methods of emailing documents, today’s computers allow businesses to scan and send information to business associates, and then there are the numerous file sharing sites that allow businesses to exchange documents effortlessly.

As opposed to storing documents in a room, your entire company transaction history can be stored on your computer or online, which completely eliminates the need for paper and the folders that would house these files. Documents in this day can be signed through electronic signature programs that allow you to store your signature on file as opposed to the sending documents through snail mail to be signed. By adopting a paperless, platform not only do you streamline much of your work, but you can save quite a bit of money.

Move Your Marketing and PR Campaign Online

The benefit of the online landscape is that it is limitless, and you can essentially use as much online space as needed without added costs. For this reason, a business looking to put together a marketing and PR campaign to build their brand can do so in the online landscape and probably for much less than traditional print ads. Business can engage in online marketing that will allow them to predict and track consumer purchases. Then, they can use any number of social media tools to engage in online PR. While there is a cost to establish your company online, the costs are much less today than print ads, which only limit you to one geographical location.

Big Business on the Cheap

Reining in spending is possible especially because technology has streamlined tasks making much of business more affordable. For one, the virtual office and coworking both are great ways to significantly reduce office overhead, and by simply adopting a paperless platform, you avoid printer costs. Saving money through these alternative methods can begin your plan for long-term savings.

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