4 Top Tips to Retain Your Employees

Losing a skilled employee to a competitor is frustrating. Hours of investment and training are lost, and you have to begin again with a recruitment process. If you have a skilled, reliable, and driven workforce, you should put the effort in retaining your employees for years to come. Here are five top tips that will help you keep your most talented employees on your books.


According to a survey by Flexjobs, a staggering 96% of employees wish to have some form of remote working as an option available to them. Many employers have developed remote working systems during the pandemic, and 80% of employers intend to allow for some remote working after the pandemic. If you can offer this option then it will help you keep employees working for you. Many employees will have periods in their life where they need to work less regular hours or work-around other family commitments. Flexibility demonstrates you are willing to compromise because you value their input.

IT Support

In order to deliver home working solutions, you will need IT systems that are robust and secure while still being easy to access and use at home. IT support services are vital to ensure your employees are productive at home. Alongside this, a reliable IT support company will reduce frustration, as there is always help on hand to make sure the IT works. If you need to investigate IT support, check out this website for more details and ask about a plan that is tailored to your business needs.

Protect Time Off

You should value the well-being and health of your employees because when they are well they are performing at their best. If you end up contacting your team at all hours of the day, they will become overstretched and will risk burning out. Try to install a company policy that enshrines time off and allows employees to properly switch off from their work. Try to keep all communication within working hours. If an employee is working remotely, ask them to mark when they are available and unavailable for meetings and telephone calls. Protecting time off demonstrates that you want your workers to enjoy their life outside of work and recognize that downtime is vital to reduce stress levels. If you implement this strategy, it will soon become a workplace habit and will help your team to stay focused when they are working.

Listen to Their Ideas

When you bring an employee into your company, you are asking them to work towards achieving shared ambitions for the company. They will soon become experts in their area of work and may notice opportunities you might not see looking at the bigger picture. Encourage communication and listen to their ideas. When an idea comes to fruition, make sure to credit the employee who came up with it. Make sure that idea sessions are regular and do not let them dwindle to becoming a suggestions box in the corner of the office. The more you listen and appreciate their input, the more valued they will feel in their employment.

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