Top 3 Benefits of Becoming a Pet-Sitter

The sharing economy has created endless opportunities for everyday entrepreneurs. And even if you don’t have a gleaming condo or other physical assets to rent out, you can get started with relative ease. Pet-sitting is an accessible, flexible, and fun job that offers all the freedom you need to live your best life.

#3 Choose Your Own Hours

Pet-sitters who find their clients through sites like choose who they want to work for, when, and where. You set your availability, select which services you’ll offer–like overnight care, walks, or drop-in visits–and respond to each request individually. You can do a meet-and-greet before each stay to ensure a great fit with the owner and pup, then negotiate the care arrangement that works best for you.

The flexibility of pet-sitting makes it a perfect complement to other work. It’s the quintessential side gig, easily arranged around full-time work, childcare, or a student schedule. You might spend a weekend in a client’s home outside of town, welcome a few doggy daycare clients two days a week while you work from home, and mix a few walks into your schedule while you run errands. Whether you’re wide open for all the available work and want to take on multiple gigs, or just seeking the occasional supplement, you’re sure to find what you need.

Know you’ll be away next month? Simply update your calendar. Not up for a particular job? Politely decline–another sitter will be able to pick up the gig. As your own boss, you’re always in control of how many hours you work, and all the other details.

#2 Boost Your Happiness

Play is an enormously consequential force that is just as important for adults as it is for children. In addition to shaping early development, play reduces anxiety, makes us better problem-solvers, and balances emotional stability. Dog owners experience higher levels of happiness because they play more, stress less, and have more of their social needs met. After all, dogs offer a level of companionship that human beings simply can’t rival: their love is pure, unconditional, and uncomplicated.

Pet-sitters can benefit from the upsides of ownership without taking on the long-term responsibilities, like veterinary bills and other obligations. While you’ll still be scooping poop and tending to basic needs, pet-sitters are essentially providing a vacation to their charges. That means you can focus on fun as much as you’d like. As long as you’re within the parameters set by the owner, you can enjoy long walks, playtime at the park, friendly tussles, night time cuddles, and more. The more regular gigs you take on, the deeper the bonds you’ll forge with the pets in your care. De-stressing is all but inevitable; you’re bound to find a new pep in your step.

#1 Grow Your Income

Flexible hours and fun work translate to steady growth in your pet-sitting income. Over time, your stellar care will lead to five-star reviews on your profile, garnering more requests. With more options, you’ll soon be able to stack pet-sitting opportunities to maximize your free time. Plus, you can raise your rates to align with your experience and expertise.

Whether you prefer the comfort of your own home or you love a change of scenery, pet-sitting will enrich your life in ways you never imagined. The bonus of a paycheck after a week of snuggles and tug-of-war with a new best friend will feel too good to be true. But as you deposit your side-gig income and see your savings account grow accordingly, you’ll know that truth is stranger than fiction.