Trade Show Tips for Newbies

Trade shows are a useful resource for businesses all over the world. Whether you are trying to promote a charity, sell your wares, or buy products for your business they can be a great way to network with others in your industry as well as with the general public.

If you have never been to a trade show before and you are thinking of trying it out this year, we have some helpful tips for you. Buying tickets for your trade show is only the first step – and now it is time to prepare for the trip and make sure that your business stands out from the crowd.

Gather Marketing Materials

The first thing you will want to do once you have planned to attend a trade show is purchase some promotional materials and marketing materials to hand out at the event. Pens, bags, mugs, stress balls, and brochures are the go-to for many who attend trade shows ,however you can even hand out things such as brand cookies and chocolates or drink bottles. Think outside the box and make sure that everyone who visits your stand leaves with either your contact information or your brand logo.

Decorate the Stand

Once you have decided on your marketing materials you will need to order banners, posters, and signs for your stand. Decorating your stand will largely depend on what you sell. For example, if you are a bathroom designer you can recreate a model bathroom with your prodcuts on your stand. If you are a financial company, you can get ATMs for your event as well as wallets and other money-themed things. Consider who you are and what you want to show off and have fun with it.

Use Your Best Salespeople

It is crucial that when you attend a trade show as a company that your best salespeople are the ones who go. Don’t send shy members of your team, instead send the introverts who will spend their time networking and making people laugh. You have to make a good impression, and salespeople are always the natural choices to do this in a public setting.

Be Confident

If you want to gain following and recognition at a trade show you have to be confident when selling your items and also confident in your own company. Make people understand why your company is so great and why they should choose you above someone else. Make sure to be confident, authoritative, and present a positive voice for your company.

Plan Meetings Ahead of Time

It is important for you if your idea is to network during a trade show that you email ahead and plan meetings for the day. Other people visiting the trade show will be incredibly busy, and you need to make sure that you lock in some time with them early otherwise you risk losing out altogether.

Visiting a trade show can be a great boost for your business both from an industry standpoint and for your customers, make sure you consider these tips when attending a trade show this year.

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