Using Twitter to Enhance Your Small Business Customer Relationships

If you have recently set up your own small business, have you also set up your business’s social media account? For some types of business minded people, the issue of social media is far from their mind when they first launch their business. However, for the savvier of business owners, they understand the need to be where the customer is, and that is usually online.

Twitter is an excellent platform for business, particularly those smaller in size and structure, as it resolves more around the written word rather than the time-consuming act of taking and uploading photos countless photographs.

6 Ways to Make the Most of a Business Twitter Account

To get the best out of Twitter when using it to showcase your small business, here are a few tips to follow:

  1. Listen out for what most of your customers seem to tweet about or message you about. Can you spot any patterns emerging?
  2. Tweet all your promotions, deals and offers on this platform first.
  3. Add in a bit of variety to your tweets by mixing up content and putting something new and fresh on that complements your business nicely, rather than overloading with the sell, sell, sell
  4. Find your Twitter personality and stick to it. Develop a voice in your tweets and keep to it as your trademark. This way customers will instantly recognize it as you and not some automated tweet.
  5. Schedule your tweets to coincide with special occasions, national days and vacations, thereby showing you are on current topic. This also gives you a valuable lead as there is always something going on during the months.
  6. Finally, keep spats, disagreements and personal opinions out of your tweets. While this may be okay for private tweets, it is by no means appropriate for business ones!