5 Ways to Encourage More Facebook Messages for Your Business

When it comes to social media, Facebook is probably the most well-known, and although people previously used it exclusively for personal photos and messages, it is now the perfect medium for a company as well. When done correctly, Facebook marketing can be very effective – one of the primary outcomes you are aiming for from your Facebook ad is getting more messages from customers.

Here are five methods to accomplish exactly that; all you have to do now is convert them into sales!

Be Honest

Potential consumers will not contact you if your Facebook page is not optimized for messaging. It’s logical. To optimize your Facebook business page for messages, just make sure that you continue to emphasize that customers and visitors can send you a message and that you will react to it.

Of course, don’t over-promise; don’t tell them you always reply within five minutes and are accessible 24/7, since if you can’t achieve that, you’ll have some angry customers waiting for you to get back to them. Make sure that you are truthful about your availability and that you follow through on any time commitments you make. Most essential, respond to all messages.

Response Assistance

You will be busy at times, and the more your company develops, the busier you will be. If you can’t afford to employ someone especially to respond to Facebook messages, use a response assistant. This is a method of setting up automatic notifications so that your clients know you will get back to them even if you are not in the office because you are out on-site, in the midst of dealing with commercial plumbing problems, or having lunch. This is an excellent way to remain responsive even when you are not in front of your laptop or smartphone.


If people comment on your page, it’s fantastic, but you must react and respond. However, you may not want to have the whole discussion out in the open, so let that individual know they can continue to speak with you through Facebook Messenger. Not only will this demonstrate your commitment to responding to their inquiry, but it will also demonstrate to others that you are reachable through a more private route.

Use Ads

If you have a Facebook page, you can either let it develop naturally or pay for advertising to help it expand faster. A rapidly growing page is much better for the company, and a Facebook ad may be a fantastic investment for you. Using that Facebook ad to advertise that you are glad to utilize Messenger and that you want people to contact you through it should significantly increase traffic and messages. You may even have people contact you straight from the ad using the new ‘send to Messenger’ kind of Facebook ad.

A Daily Routine

If you want people to contact you via Facebook Messenger, you must respond to them, and in order to do it in a timely way, you must commit to using the program on a daily basis. Check-in and respond to as many inquiries as you can – most will be simple to handle, but a few may need more effort. Set aside enough time to keep your clients satisfied, but don’t start spending all of your time on Messenger, or your business will suffer.

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