Working from The Home – Do You Have Adequate Insurance in Place?

For many people who choose to start their business venture from their home, it is strongly recommended to look at obtaining some form of adequate insurance to ensure this method continues to run smoothly. It is also to certify that they themselves along with property, items and even other people associated with the business and the home environment are protected.

  • Professional Indemnity: This is perhaps the most important of all the insurance covers and would benefit almost anybody who wants to work on their own and from their own premises. Professional Indemnity covers you as a person should a customer make a complaint about your services. By having this cover in place, if any costly legal cases arise, you will be protected. This is what many see as the best peace of mind for home working circumstances.
  • Employers Liability: Though most people who work from home work alone, as soon as you take someone on to help with the running of your business, employers liability insurance is a legal requirement. You have a duty to show responsibility for all employees in your care and this covers both them and your business if any accidents were to occur.
  • Public Liability: If you have visitors to your property during your working day, this type of cover will ensure both you and they are protected should they have an accident during their visit. This can also apply if you visit other client’s premises and are involved in an incident.
  • Insurance Cover for Equipment: The likelihood is that if you use items such as computers and printers, phones and even kitchen equipment, they may not be covered by your normal home contents insurance and you will need a business cover instead. This can be vital if you are using such products daily and the concept of being without them if they stop working is unthinkable.