More Than Medicine: Alternate Careers in the Health Industry

In order to be fully happy, we all need to find something interesting, exciting or rewarding about our jobs since we spend so much time in the workplace. Admittedly, you might not be leaping out of bed on a Monday morning, but you shouldn’t spend the entire weekend dreading it either.

A career in the healthcare industry is incredibly rewarding- you get to genuinely help people and make their lives better, and go home and the end of each day knowing that you made a difference. Maybe you’ve been considering a career change but have ruled out health because of the time, training and expense needed to become a doctor or nurse. Maybe you’re squeamish, or don’t have the physical ability needed for these kinds of roles. However, it’s time to think again, there’s so much more to the health industry than GPs, surgeons and nurses. Here are some slightly more alternate careers to consider.

Health Administrator

The role of a healthcare administrator could involve everything from policy making to human resources to department management and much more. However, you’ll always be focused on one thing- ensuring that the medical facility that you’re working for is being coordinated and managed efficiently. With hospitals expanding and technology improving, health administrators are vital in the running of medical facilities and have incredibly important roles. If you want to work in health but have a more administration or office based background, (or you want to be involved in the health industry but not on treating patients side of things) then something like this would be ideal. You could do a health administration degree online, consider doing some voluntary work too. That way you’ll stand out amongst your competition and you give yourself a headstart when you do begin paid work too.

Blog Author

When you think about health, chances are it’s actually illness rather than wellness that springs to mind. Wellness, prevention and education are incredibly important, and if you’re knowledgeable on this subject you can educate others by writing a blog. Articles focusing on looking after yourself, eating the right foods, tips for exercising, self care and much more can all encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle. Your blog will start as a hobby as it takes time to get established and start earning money. But eventually, you can make a full time income from it if you keep at it. Come up with lots of exciting and interesting content, and make sure everything is properly researched from credible sources.

App Developer

Technology has really changed the healthcare industry. Not only has it meant improved medical and surgical equipment, more efficient hospital software systems and much more- it’s also meant people are in much better control of their health. Health trackers, apps and smart equipment such as blood pressure and blood sugar monitors that link to your phone or tablet at all examples. Technology allows people to manage their symptoms and conditions at home effectively in between doctors visits. If you’re an app designer, why not work out what the healthcare industry is lacking and design an app? These days you can find everything from calorie trackers to medication reminders but there’s always more that can be done. How about researching a particular condition or illness, and creating something niche that can help a group of people?

What would be your ideal role in the health industry?

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