From Average Contractor to Company Owner: An Inspirational Success Story

You’re ready to get out of the rat race and start your own business. This dream has been achieved by many individuals looking for something to leave to their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. They found something that not only brings a profit but also has a positive impact on the human race. But where do you start? Usually you start with a good idea. How do you turn an idea into a prospering business? Here are a few helpful tips to get you started along with a real life success story to inspire you to take the leap.

Identify What Skills You Have

If you’re going to dedicate most of your life to a business, make sure it’s something you enjoy. If you already have a certain skill that you enjoy using, take it to the next level. Perhaps you will discover an untapped market that relates to what you already do. Take for example, Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems, a company that produces and installs heating cable systems. The Founder, Lorne Heise was already an electrician when he saw that his skills could be used to a greater extent. He helped develop a system of heated cables that keep pipes from freezing in extreme cold.

Observe the World Around You

The reason Lorne Heise worked so hard to develop this product was because of his experiences and those of the people around him. The extreme cold caused his family cottage and those of others to be winterized and unused part of the year. He wanted to find a way to increase the time they could spend there.

Think about what affects you or those around you. What would enhance the quality of life? Recognizing a widespread need is a great step to creating or marketing a product or service that sells.

Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

You can’t let fear paralyze you. Starting a business will always involve risk regardless of your skills. It might be hard to convince investors and clients that your new idea will pay off; that they need what you’re selling. However, if you don’t take that first step you’ll never know. The great thing is that moving forward will give you a chance to learn from the mishaps. If your first several trial runs prove to be unsuccessful, that’s ok. Take everything you can from that experience and continue to improve your service, your product, and your business plan. Just get started and adapt when you need to.

Heat-Line has been in business for 30 years because they continue to look for ways to enhance their product through further research and experimentation. Somethings in business take a little experimenting before you get it right.

That is how Lorne Heise went from an average contractor to a company owner. If you’re thinking about taking the step to start your own business, keep the above tips in mind. There is so much you can learn from how other businesses started and how they function and this website sets a great example. Now is the time to follow your dream of becoming a business owner.

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