Becoming the Best Employer That You Can Be

The majority of small business owners go it alone for the first year or so of their venture. They like to focus on what they want to do, develop their product concepts individually, and only really call in the help of freelance specialists, such as manufacturers, web designers, product photographers, and web content creators.

But as their business grows and expands, they’re highly likely to find that they need to take on permanent or consistent help. This is why they tend to take on employees on a part time or full time basis. These individuals can help to keep the basics and administrative aspects of the business ticking over while the business owner focuses on more progressive areas, such as marketing campaigns, advertising, and collaborative projects.  But, as you can imagine, taking on staff comes hand in hand with a whole lot of responsibility. So, if this situation sounds familiar to you, and you’re wondering how to deal with becoming an employer, here are a few steps that you can take in order to make sure that you are the best employer that you can be!

Establish Yourself as Leader

When you own and run a small business, it’s important that you establish yourself as a leader and hold authority over the individuals that you employ. This will ensure that everyone takes you seriously, completes the tasks that you set them, and shows respect in the workplace. In order to achieve this, you could study online for a certificate of leadership at Deakin. Now, the qualification itself isn’t the most important aspect of this course. After all, you’re running your own business and not really looking to impress anyone with your resume and qualifications. The beneficial aspect of this course for you will be the knowledge and skills that it will provide you with. The course will ensure that you can successfully manage a team of employees, inspiring them to work hard and achieve results that will be beneficial for your company!

Be Fair in Your Recruitment

There are laws in place to ensure that you are fair and unprejudiced in your recruitment process. So you need to ensure that you abide by these. You cannot judge or favour any individual based on personal factors such as age, gender, sexuality, race, ability, or belief system. Instead, you need to be fair and judge people solely on their suitability for the advertised role in regards to qualifications and experience.

Acknowledge Hard Work

When you take staff on, the work and effort expected of them will be outlined in their contract. But if you observe any staff members putting in extra effort or achieving more than is expected of them, you should acknowledge this. You can do this through verbal signs of appreciation, or even rewards, such as bonuses, extra paid holiday, or promotions and pay rises.

Sure, becoming an employer can be extremely daunting. But following the above steps should help to ensure that you shine in the role!

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