Yes, You Can Build a Business Without Running Yourself Into the Ground

Why is it, when most people think of running a business, they think of having no time to themselves, being permanently stressed, and barely enjoying anything they do? This is a common misconception. Sure, some business owners end up working so hard that they run themselves into the ground, but it’s not a necessity. You can just as easily build a business and take your time.

Here are some pointers and ideas that can help you.

Prioritize Self Care

You’re going to be working hard, but prioritizing self care is just as important as prioritizing your tasks for the day. What have you done for yourself today? You need to pay attention to your physical and mental health. Do things for your wellbeing – self care is essential! Getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night is key, along with exercise, nourishing meals, and water. Don’t forget to spend time on interests outside of your business. You could lose yourself if all you do is work.

Focus on Your Relationships

Another thing many entrepreneurs put on the backburner? Relationships. Don’t expect your friends and family to always be there if you’re showing them that you don’t really value them. You could have all of the love in the world for them, but if you’re not showing them that that is the case, and attempting to stay in the loop with them, they will still feel neglected. At least ensure your communication is on point so that when you are particularly busy, they understand it’s nothing personal – just don’t make a habit of cancelling on them or making them feel second best.

Take Rest Days

Yes, you are allowed days off. You should have them, in fact. These are the days you take to recuperate, get ready for the week ahead, and even find solutions just drop into your head because you’re not overrun with things to do. The idea of ‘no days off’ is very toxic and can only serve to burn you out. Many people measure their value based on how productive they are being, and this is not healthy or accurate. If you feel like you always have to be doing something to feel good, it could be time to assess why that is. The fact is, if you can’t sit back and see how far you’ve come and appreciate the effort, you may end up having to contact a personal injury lawyer to help you out of a tough situation. Don’t hurt yourself.

Take Inventory of Your Life

How can you make your life more balanced? What areas of your life are you neglecting? When was the last time you called your parent, sibling, or best friend? If what you’re doing with your business isn’t sustainable in the long term, you’re going to feel pretty terrible when the people you have neglected aren’t there for you. Take care of yourself holistically, spiritually, and physically. You should find that your life begins to blossom.

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