Credit and Debit Card Facilities for Your Small Business

As we are making huge steps towards becoming a cashless society, it can only be a matter of time before the general cash registers disappear from business altogether. For the smaller of companies who rely on daily cash payments, and have no facility for collecting card payments it can often be an inconvenience to customers who must resort to finding spare cash or notes to purchase something from you when they would much prefer to pay with a card. In some cases, it can be the difference between a sale or no sale if the customer needs to leave to find an ATM because not many people will want to traipse back again to finalize that purchase!

What is Stopping You from Implementing the Change?

Perhaps the more pressing concern a smaller business faces when deciding upon a card system is the costs involved in installing and running this option. But, these fees firstly need to be weighed up against the cost of losing out on customers due to not having such an opportunity in place. If it is the cost which is causing you concern, but you believe implementing the facility would bring many benefits to your business, there are three types of inexpensive and accessible systems that you can investigate:

Point of Sale System: Includes a combination of software and hardware that allows a business to make transactions through a computer system or server or even through a cloud-based solution.

PDQ Machine: PDQ is short for Process Data Quickly, and that is exactly what these machines do. As well as accepting chip and pin cards, many will also take contactless cards for faster processing times.

Web Gateway: Allows customers to purchase items directly from your web page and enter their credit card details for payment. The confirmation of clearance is within seconds allowing you to immediately release the goods.