SoftPro 360 Commercial Reconciliation Software

You have many options when it comes to software for commercial transactions. From integration with 60+ vendors to increased protection against fraud, SoftPro 360 has the solution for your business needs. This article will give you an overview of some of the most important benefits of this commercial reconciliation software. In addition, we’ll discuss how it can help your business. Read on for more information! Using this software will help you achieve these goals and much more.

Integration With 60+ Vendors

With the new SoftPro 360 commercial reconciliation software, third parties can submit their data automatically into your files. No more paper order forms or double entry! This integrated vendor portal helps you manage and reduce error and data entry costs. Third-party vendor data can be automatically accepted into your closing files as well. All this information can be entered only once. SoftPro 360 integrates with 60+ vendors, making the process more accessible than ever.

SoftPro 360 acts as a bridge between your organization and a nationwide network of settlement and title-related vendors with its third-party vendor exchange platform. Through this platform, customers can place online orders for the products and services they need. This eliminates the need for redundant data entry and time-consuming phone calls and increases security and productivity. You can also connect your SoftPro 360 account with your ClosingCorp Order Management account to complete your title-related transactions.

Increased Protection From Fraud

With its integration with CertifID, SoftPro 360 commercial reconciliation software increases protection from fraudulent wire transfers and other transactions. With this new integration, settlement agents can send wiring instructions, confirm them, and collect signatures through the software. This eliminates manual processes and prevents business email compromise and email spoofing. Moreover, with CertifID, the settlement agent is assured of up to $1 million in direct insurance coverage.

The software is also highly secure because of its real-time integration with First American’s AgentNet(r). Moreover, the company has integrated SoftPro 360 with the company’s business exchange platform, allowing users to place orders online for First American’s products and services. In addition to increasing protection from fraud, SoftPro 360 is also fully compliant with privacy regulations and other mandates. For this reason, financial institutions need to implement industry-specific software that increases protection from fraud.

With SoftPro 360, you can automatically order title, closing, and escrow products and services from third-party providers. This way, you can eliminate paper order forms, dual-entry, faxes, and emails to simplify the data exchange process. And because you’re already using SoftPro 360, you’ll save time with this integration. The new software also supports Safe Escrow integration, enabling you to exchange data with third-party vendors securely.

Reduced Opportunity for Error

SoftPro 360’s integrated vendor portal allows you to enter information directly from third-party vendors, eliminating the need for paper order forms or dual entry. In addition, the software can automatically accept data from third-party vendors into closing files. Using SoftPro 360’s integrated vendor portal eliminates the need for dual entry and significantly reduces the possibility of error. In addition, the software’s flexible design makes it easier for users to enter data and reduce the number of manual steps required for reconciliation.

SoftPro 360 is a third-party vendor exchange that acts as a bridge to nationwide networks of vendors. Through this application, customers can place online orders for the title, escrow, and closing products and services. Customers can also place payments directly to providers, so there is no need for duplicate data entry. In addition, SoftPro 360 reduces the need for costly and time-consuming phone calls and increases security and productivity.

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