How to Deal With the Financial Realities of Planning a Funeral

There are many emotions to deal with when you’re in a position of organizing a funeral for a family member or close friend. The grief you feel of course takes precedent, but there’s also the reality of the financial implications that come with planning a funeral that can’t be ignored. If that financial responsibility falls on your shoulders, there are some things you’ll definitely need to think about.

That’s what we’re going to talk about now, so read on to find out more.

Consider Whether You Want to Pay Upfront or Spread the Costs

There are many financial options to consider when organizing a funeral. These days, most funeral directors will give you the option of paying for the funeral and all of the associated costs up front or spreading those costs over a number of months, usually up to a year. This offers you a little more time and flexibility in terms of how you pay for the costs of the funeral, and it’s certianly something that should be kept in mind.

Cut Back on Flowers

One of the areas in which people are often shocked at the costs is flowers. Floral arrangements can be important at funerals, but by keeping them smaller, you can save a lot of money. It’s possible to achieve a fitting and beautiful floral arrangement without spending a huge amount of money on it, and that should be your aim.

Utilize Any Relevant Life Insurance Policy

Utilizing any of the financial help that’s out there when it comes to planning a funeral is essential. You should see if there’s relevant life insurance policies that cover the costs of the funeral and ensure that money is claimed. Things like this can be a huge financial lifeline when attempting to cover funeral costs.

Take Into Account the Costs of Car Travel

It’s important to consider ways in which costs can be cut if you’re trying to stick to a budget. One such example of this is car travel. Hiring private costs to transport family members to the funeral service can be hugely expensive. So it’s worth discussing whether there are better and more affordable options that are worth considering.

Compare the Costs of Cremation and Burial

It’s important to consider the varying costs of the options that are open to you when planning a funeral. Of course, if the person who passed had a particular preference or request, those things matter far more than the financial implications ever could. But if they expressed no such preference, it’s usually more affordable to choose a cremation over the alternatives, but that’s something for you to explore.

Funerals are difficult at the best of times, and dealing with the financial realities of them only compounds the pain. Nevertheless, they can also be very expensive if you’re not careful, and it’s important to understand and mitigate those costs where possible in order to avoid spending more than necessary.

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