How to Earn Some Extra Money on Your Way to Work

Having a regular job means you probably have a decent income that helps you get by. However, earning a bit extra on the side is never a bad thing. People who are employed full-time often believe they don’t have enough time to start a venture on the side. However, earning extra money isn’t as complicated as it may sound. Moreover, depending on the side job, you may not have to invest much time at all.

Those of you who spend a lot of time on public transportation, while going to work and then back home, can actually use that time more productively, and earn some extra cash. As a matter of fact, there are online jobs that will help you earn cash, while you ride a train, bus or whatever means of transportation you use to get to work. That being said, here are a few ways you can earn some extra money on your way to work.

Become a Copywriter

Freelance copywriters can earn quite an income. Many businesses these days outsource content writing to freelancers, because it’s more affordable to them to hire a freelance writer on-demand than it is to pay the wage of a full-time copywriter. If you have the knack for writing, you can try out freelance copywriting. However, you’ll have to pick a niche you’re knowledgeable about and would like to write about as well.

More importantly, you can write articles on your laptop or tablet, while on the bus to work. Furthermore, the good thing about freelancing is that you get to pick your own pace. That means the number of articles to write and when to write them. This gives you the flexibility to fit in your side job so it doesn’t interfere with your other activities.

Conduct Some Surveys

Many companies struggle on the market nowadays. The main reason is that the market is overcrowded with strong competition. That’s why companies try their best to get inside their customers’ hearts and minds, to learn all they can about them and gain a significant competitive advantage.

With that in mind, many popular brands give their customers an opportunity to get paid to take surveys online. That way, brands get invaluable feedback about their products or services, while customers earn money for honest reviews. You can answer questions about your favorite brand on your way to work, while also getting paid to do so. What’s more, it won’t take up too much of your time and you can do it whenever you feel like it.

Write an eBook

If you’re passionate about writing, but you don’t want to be a copywriter for some reason, you can try to write something on your own. If you happen to have a great idea for a story, guide, educational paper or a novel, you can turn that idea into quite a bit of money. What you need to do is write, publish and, in the end, sell an eBook.

All you got to do is sit down and write when you have time to spare, and what better free time than on your way to work or back. Furthermore, since you don’t have a deadline, you can write bits and pieces whenever you feel inspired. Once you’re done, you can find a publisher, such as Amazon, or publish on your own and make money out of your new eBook.

Try out Photography

Having a decent camera can will enable you to do much more than just capturing meaningful moments and memories. Good photos can be sold for a nice amount of money. However, it depends on who you’re selling to and the type of photograph, but that shouldn’t discourage you from trying.

Since you’re already traveling to work and back, you probably have more than a few opportunities to take good pictures. Whenever there’s such an opportunity, you should take the time to snap a picture and sell it off to an interested party. For instance, a local newspaper, online magazine and such, are willing to buy photos from freelance photographers.

Try Blogging

Blogging is a good way to earn money on the side, while writing about something you’re passionate about. Owning a blog demands commitment and effort, but once you set everything up, you’ll be able to blog on your way home from work. It’s important to pick a topic or a niche you want to write about and commit to it.

However, once you’ve gained some fame as a reputable source, you’ll have many opportunities to turn your hobby into a profitable career. Other companies might contact you to endorse their products or services for a price or you may get paid to allow guest posts and articles from other bloggers or businesses. Either way, you’ll have an opportunity to earn money, while doing something you enjoy.

Spending time on public transport can be very dull. Practically, it’s a waste of time that no one is ever going to give you back. However, if you decide to make the most out of that time, you can easily make money while on your way to work and back. The more time you spend traveling, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn some extra cash.