How Start-Ups in London Can Develop a Better Working Environment

Start-ups in London already benefit from some of the coolest office space in the world, excellent public transport links and several other amenities that you won’t find anywhere else. But, with more new companies taking shape in London than anywhere else in the UK, what can you do to attract more employees to your brand over that of others? And, once you’ve hired the right team, what can you do to keep them loyal to your company? We’ve looked at some options that you might want to consider.

1. Team Building Exercises

When it comes to providing your team with fun things to do outside of the office, you’re certainly in the perfect location. London is an excellent city for team building, whether you’re planning outdoor activities in one of the several parks around the city or want to spend some time exploring the capital’s most famous tourist attractions. For low-key, chilled team-building, there are several restaurants and bars where you can meet for a drink, bite to eat, and casual chat with your team. You can visit for more ideas.

2. Additional Training

Today, one of the main things that employees want from their employer is the option to learn more skills, improve their knowledge, and eventually move up within the company. If you are able to offer your team members the option of further training and education from your London start-up, then you’ll have an advantage over other brands. Don’t forget that most people don’t want to do the same job all their life, so it makes sense for them to stick with an employer who offers the best training and progression opportunities.

3. More Job Autonomy

Although it may not be possible for employees working in certain industries such as hospitality or retail, offering employees more autonomy over their job can help to boost workplace morale and improve employee satisfaction and loyalty. Employees who have more freedom to choose how, where and when they’d like to work tend to be happier and more productive overall. If possible, allowing employees to work from home on certain days of the week can be a small change with huge results.

4. Incentives and Rewards

Offering your employees something extra than their basic salary can be a great way to set yourself apart from other employers in the capital. Bear in mind that incentives and rewards don’t have to be a massive expense; often, simply allowing best-performing employees to take some extra time on their lunch break or dress down on a Friday can have excellent results. Friendly competitions within the workplace for prizes can also be a great way to motivate everybody to be more productive.

5. Clear and Open Communication

Lastly, it’s important not to get too overwhelmed with the ‘extras’ of creating a good workplace, and instead focus on the basics of what employees today want. One of the best things that you can offer your London employees is a listening ear and clear communication about changes and other issues in the business that will affect them. Bear in mind that employees who feel that their concerns are listened to and valued tend to be more motivated to do well at work. Offer your employees the option to voice their concerns regularly and be actively involved in decision making processes that affect their job role.

The capital city of London can be the perfect setting for a strong and productive work environment. By offering an inclusive, friendly workplace that encourages employees to succeed, you can develop a better working environment for your London start-up.