How to Give Your Business a 2021 Makeover

As we enter the new year, you may feel as though your business is ready for a change. Perhaps you just need to do a deep clean to brush away the winter dust that has settled, or you might need to do a complete overhaul and redesign the workplace entirely.

Either way, you must understand that your workspace is essential to the success of your business. If clients enter the space, it must be warm, welcoming, and inviting – as this will encourage them to make a purchase. If it is an area in which only employees will have access too, such as an office, it must be a clean, organized space in which creativity and productivity thrive. You should also ensure that you take care of your staff by creating a comfortable and relaxing space.

With that in mind, here are some top tips you can use to give your office/business a makeover this year!


Clutter, though it may not seem like it, is the killer of productivity. For example, if you are looking for a certain file, but your desk is swimming with papers, it will take you a bit of time to organize and find the documents you are looking for. This wastes valuable time. Therefore, you can improve your workplace (and boost productivity) by decluttering the office.

This could include providing staff with more storage solutions, such as shelves or filing cabinets. Alternatively, you may want to consider digitizing all documents and going paperless. This saves you the time of looking through paper after paper trying to find the specific form you have in mind, as they are all available in just a few clicks of a button. It is also much better for the environment!

Keep on Top of Repairs

From time to time, things will break. However, you must make repairs quickly so that your customers’ and employees’ health and safety are not put under any risk. One way in which you can do this is by encouraging employees to report any faulty items immediately – even something as simple as a broken chair.

Of course, you should perform regular maintenance checks on larger items, such as your air compressor and dryer. This means you will be aware of any faults as soon as they occur and can contact appropriate services, such as, who will be able to resolve the issue quickly.


Another way in which you can breathe new life into your workspace is, of course, to go all-in on a complete re-design! This could include:

  • Repainting the walls. In an office, pale, neutral shades are often the best but don’t be afraid to add a splash of color.
  • Making the most of natural light by installing a skylight or removing curtains. Studies have shown that natural light can improve productivity, boost energy levels, and can also help people feel more relaxed.

Installing a range of different work stations, such as standing desks. This allows your employees to find a space that works best for them.

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