How to Do SEO for a New Website

When you are launching a new website, you might want to invest in SEO because this will improve your ranking in Google and Bing resulting in a larger number of relevant visitors your website will get from these search engines. Besides, all your competitors will probably be dealing with SEO for their websites too. Here are several SEO elements every new website will benefit from.

Get Google Analytics

This tool is entirely essential. It will give you full information about the users who visit your website. You’ll get to know your audience and how your clients find your website. You’ll be able to track all their activities on your website and this information can later be used to improve the conversion rate by providing your visitors with the things they need.

Webmaster Tools

The third thing on the list is to register your website in Webmaster tools in both Bing and Google. Webmaster tools will help you keep an eye on your website health, warn you of possible malware and other serious problems that might hit it. They will also help you get to know how people are landing on your site, what keywords they use, what websites the traffic comes from. This information can be used to improve your website ranking and drive more relevant visitors to it.


The second thing every website needs is a sitemap. First of all, sitemaps allow search engines fully index your website and not to miss a single page. Another advantage of having a sitemap on your website is that the visitors will have a list of all pages on the website and will have no problem finding the right pages. It would be wise to update your website as often as possible so that Google and other search engines will frequently visit your website and give it a better ranking.

SEO-Friendly URLs

Another important element is using SEO-friendly URLs. Well-structured URLs are important to both your visitors and search engines. They help navigate your website and increase the CTR (click through rate) in SERPs (search engine results pages).

Robots.txt File

Having a robots.txt file on your website is important if you want to control what pages of your website are indexed by search engines, that’s why it’s important for SEO ranking in Google. You can choose which bots to block from accessing certain pages of your website. It’s pretty useful in situations when, for example, there is a particular page on the website which you do not want the users to see unless they take an action such as maybe buying your product. There are may be other reasons why you would not want some certain pages to be crawled and indexed by search engines. No matter why you need this, the easiest method to achieve this is to use the robots.txt file.

Inbound Links and Referrals

Your ranking improves greatly when you have lots of links pointing to your website. The quality of the referring domains must be of highest quality possible for this to work, otherwise Google might hit your website with some penalty and your website will lose the ranking it currently has. So be super careful when building backlinks. Only a well-planned linkbuilding campaign will bring the results you need.

That is it. Use these hinds, add high quality content, keep an eye on the website health, make wise moves in terms of linkbuilding and your online business will have a bright future.