Content Creation Strategies That Work

Whatever your business or brand, you will need some high-quality, relevant content to attract new potential customers to your website and keep your brand relevant on the Internet. There are several ways to do this that have proven successful in recent years, but the landscape of digital media is forever shifting, and new content creation ideas are frequently developing – video marketing and Webinars are two of them.


It’s essential for digital marketing professionals, such as advertising agency Robben Media, to have a toolbox full of copywriting tricks and techniques that they can deploy as and when they are needed. Copywriting techniques include: What’s in it for me, writing formulas, and SEO knowledge. There is a lot more to copywriting than this, but if you have these primary tools, it should be enough to work with for the short term and get results. Use books and courses to deep dive into the subject and become an expert; it can only help your business.


Blogging is not only an excellent way to generate interest in your brand and product; it’s an important feature of your SEO strategy. The keywords that you have on your list – generated through your keyword research – need to be used effectively to link back to your website. Do this by creating engaging blog posts and sharing them across social media. Stock them up with relevant keywords and backlinks to bring in the traffic; just beware of keyword stuffing.

Digital Advertising

Blogging and an excellent SEO strategy should make you rank higher in the organic search results, but if you want a bit more visibility, you might want to think about paid ads (PPC) or social media ads. These will show up when a user types in a related keyword term, and you will only get charged if the ad is clicked. Use your copywriting skills and formulas to write ads that are short, snappy, and likely to convert. Whatever you’re promoting, you want a streamlined advertising campaign.

Video Marketing

This up and coming content marketing strategy is set to be as big as content writing was in the 2010s. Video has become ever more mainstream with YouTube now noted as the second largest search engine. Videos can be short, engaging, bloggy, and easily shareable across multiple platforms. Creating a promotional video is a lot like creating a blog, planning your content, and delivering it with style. The big difference is the on-camera personality, the technology involved, the background, and editing.


A close relative of the promotional video is the webinar, which might be viewed as a promotional tutorial. A webinar is set up as an event, and participants are encouraged to join by signing up online. The event usually lasts for around an hour and includes free content related to your product or service. Throughout the event, the participants will see the value of what you have to offer in an informal way; they can even leave live comments as you present. Towards the end, there is an upsell and a chance for you to make some new conversions.

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