I Spy with My Little Eye a Marketing Campaign That’s Lost Its Way

Any entrepreneur understands the importance of pinpointing their niche. Before you even launch your business, it’s essential you know your target audience. How else do you stand any chance at success? There’s little chance you’d land sales by taking a stab in the dark. As such, there’s a good chance that you’ve done a fair amount of market research into this matter already.

So, you know your audience, and you’re ready to get started. You spend a fortune on a marketing campaign you’re sure your niche will love. Then, you send it out to different platforms. What more could any respectable business person do? Only, things don’t go according to plan. Business doesn’t boom the way you were expecting, and your niche seems just as far away as ever. What could have gone wrong?

In truth, the issue may well be that you haven’t placed your ads in the right places. Different audiences pick up on advertisements in different places. To help decide whether this is your problem, let’s look at three warning signs your current placements are all wrong.

You Aren’t Attracting New Customers

It doesn’t take a genius to see when marketing goes wrong. In fact, it’s quite a simple matter. Poor advertisement placement = no new sales. Typically, a business can expect to see at least some boost after launching a new marketing campaign. This is, after all, a way of raising interest. And, that should reap some sort of reward. If no new customers come to your site in the days after launch, it’s clear you’ve gone wrong somewhere. Either your marketing campaign was a right wash out, or you merely displayed it in the wrong places. Let’s hope for the latter…

Your Impressions Are Down

We have a beautiful thing called analytics in the modern age. If you’re marketing your product online, you can see every single impression it gains. This can further let you know how much people scrolled over or clicked on your efforts. And, that helps you understand how successful your placing is. If your impressions are rocketing, it’s a sure sign your advert isn’t where it should be. To rectify the issue, consider options like programmatic advertising. This is a method which involves bidding for prime spots using impression analysis. If that appeals, you can start programmatic ad buying today with the help of companies like MoPub. Then, you can sit back and rest easy that your marketing will never land in the wrong place again.

New Customers Aren’t Impressed with Your Products

Customer feedback can also teach you whether marketing is reaching the right people. In truth, there’s nothing to stop those outside your niche from buying your products. But, the chances of satisfaction are much lower. If you continually gain bad reviews of this nature, then, it’s a sure sign you’ve lost your way. Of course, you can’t brush every bad review off in this way. But, if multiple customers leave general negative reviews, think about changing marketing direction.

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