Pursue an MBA Driven by Innovation

As a centre for innovation, there are few better Canadian cities in which to pursue an MBA than Waterloo. The city excels at helping innovative young people make connections, awarding residents and students alike the opportunity to test their ideas out in several proving grounds.

One such space is the innovation incubator at the Communitech Hub, a not-for-profit entity that provides resources, networking opportunities, and working space to entrepreneurs and the business-minded, many of whom are connected to the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics at the University of Waterloo.

The centre is made possible through a partnership between IBM Canada, Ontario Centres of Excellence, and the Communitech Hub itself. The project helps small and medium-sized enterprises fast-track the launch of new ideas and technologies by leveraging IBM’s technical resources.

The work being done at this epicentre is promising enough that even Google has made an investment, expressing plans for working with other companies that are part of the network.

The province of Ontario has invested $22.75 million into the hub through the jobs and prosperity fund, with an additional $24.75 million from IBM itself. The project — whose total value exceeds $400 million — includes five co-located innovation spaces across Ontario and provides industry partnerships, bringing entrepreneurs, students, and industry professionals together in one incredible space.

The space has become a perfect support system for students, who receive mentorship from a distinct collection of community partners, world-renowned faculty, and an incredible system of alumni entrepreneurs.

Those specializing in in entrepreneurship also have the opportunity to work at the community hub itself, tapping into industry-led innovation and learning how to start up their own businesses. Students from the nearby Lazaridis School of Business & Economics are empowered to supplement their MBA studies through networking and brainstorming opportunities with other talented, like-minded, hard-working individuals.

Those pursuing the unique specialization in entrepreneurship will enjoy mentorship opportunities designed to support and grow the ideas of motivated and innovative individuals who have an existing or potential business idea that they’d like to get off the ground.

The school and the hub itself push students’ abilities and encourage them to tackle challenges by using an integrated core methodology. Students solve problems both in and outside of the classroom through scenario-based learning, reflecting exactly the type of challenges they will encounter in the workplace.

Studying in the city of Waterloo is an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs with dreams of creating their own start-ups or of climbing the ladder of business and finance. They are guided in the best direction and provided with a great deal of invaluable testing and training opportunities. Students pursuing an MBA can take larger, more meaningful steps toward their business and innovation aims.

The Communitech Hub is the where tech-savvy innovators and businesses bring their ideas to receive mentorship and develop them until they are ready to launch; many students play a part in making that happen which in turn grows their capabilities.

If young professionals want to find success in the booming business world, an MBA from a reputable school will be the keystone.

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