Why a Smile Won’t Win Your Customers Back

Smile, and the world smiles with you. While the famous saying encourages a positive attitude and promises a reward for doing so, it doesn’t always translate to your business life. Indeed, a friendly customer service team can avoid many issues from escalating. But you can’t rely on their smile and positive attitude to win your customers back.

Smile and satisfied customers will stay. Don’t smile, and you’re likely to lose even the guys who trusted your brand. Yet, if you want to attract the audience who isn’t yet convinced about your business, you need to do more than just being friendly. Here’s what to do when smiling isn’t enough.

Speed up Customer Service

Delays can have devastating consequences. Your customers want to be kept in the loop regarding their orders. Therefore, ensuring everybody knows what happens with their transactions and when they can expect their delivery is a no-brainer. Simple additions such as automated email notifications about completed transaction, shipping, and shipping tracking can make a huge difference. For instance, it’s not uncommon for deliveries to be delayed by a couple of days in areas with strict lockdown and social distancing regulations. However, providing all tracking information and notifications of slow transport can put customers back in control. They are able to see where their parcel is, and therefore less likely to become anxious or angry.

Facilitate Navigation

Frustration is more likely to happen when customers feel a business is making things unnecessarily complicated. This may be the case with intricate navigation or platforms that can hinder online services and product conversions. User experience says a lot about a business. Therefore, gathering accurate insights for continual improvement, with a tool such as Userzoom, can provide clues to keeping your audience satisfied. Nobody wants to waste time as they try to order or use your online services.

Listen to Their Comments

No business likes to receive negative feedback. Unfortunately, unhappy customers tend to leave bad reviews online, on platforms such as Google My Business or Facebook. Yet, as uncomfortable as it might be, these negative comments can be harnessed to build a productive and empowering customer environment. Winning an unhappy customer back is a humbling journey, but it can also encourage new customers to give you a chance if done publicly. Responding to a negative review online shows a level of understanding of the customers’ pains and your willingness to improve and learn from the experience, even if the customer’s review is unfair.

Make Them Feel Valued

Social media offers your audience a unique opportunity to engage with your brand through public mentions. A customer who goes through the effort of capturing a photo of your products and services can’t be ignored. When someone praises your business publicly, the least you can do is reach out and thank them. If they have an issue with your business, reaching out will also help address the problem rapidly.

It is a time-demanding job to answer every single comment online, but it will make your customers feel valued and noticed.

Being friendly with your customers and audience doesn’t win their business. On the contrary, you need to introduce marketing tips and activities that put your customers at the heart of your business. From ensuring they are always informed about their orders to learning from negative reviews, go above and beyond to win customers.

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