How to Support an Injured or Sick Employee

Injury or illness can’t be predicted or prevented, and when an employee falls seriously sick or becomes badly injured, they will need time to recover. Understandably, you want your employee back to work as soon as possible, not just for the sake of your business, but for their general well-being too.

Did you know that you can help speed up the process by taking a few simple steps? Not sure how? Check out how you can support an injured or sick employee and help them get back on their feet as soon as possible.

Make Working From Home Arrangements

If your employee has been in an accident that’s caused injury, but they’re well enough to work, then a great idea would be to suggest a temporary working from home arrangement. You could provide them with a company laptop that’s loaded with the programs they need to successfully do their job. While they may not be able to work as efficiently as they would in the office, giving your employee something to do while their injury is healing might just be the god send they’re after.

Assist Any Claims

Accidents can happen out of the blue anywhere and any time, and if your employee isn’t at fault, then they could be entitled to claim some compensation. Helping your employee claim compensation from an accident will provide them with the financial support they need until they’re healed. If they were in a car accident, for example, researching and speaking to a car accident attorney and encouraging them to claim will help. Depending on their injury, your employee could be out for some time and while sick pay may provide them with some financial support, their financial situation will be looking rather bleak.

Check in on Them!

Take the time to check in on your employee regularly to see how they’re feeling to show that you really care about them. Being off sick or injured is difficult for anyone, and having someone check in on them will help provide support towards their recovery. If they’re sick, sending them a recovery package packed with things such as a hot water bottle, NSAIDs, flowers, soup and a card from the team will really help lift their spirits.

Adapt the Workplace

There’s a possibility that your employee’s illness or injury could affect their lifestyle. For example, if they’ve been diagnosed with a disease that will eventually leave them in a wheelchair, you could make arrangements to help them adapt to their new life. Installing ramps or elevators in the building will help them maneuver around and most importantly, feel valued in the workplace.

An illness or injury can completely change someone’s lives, and when one of your valued employees falls victim to this you can support them in many different ways, these are just to name a few. Showing that you care and making your employee feel valued will assist their recovery time and have them back in the workplace as soon as possible!

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