3 Innovative Ways to Market Your Small Business

If you’re starting a new business, you rely heavily on marketing to get customers to your company. It’s an essential part of your marketing that can significantly affect whether or not your business survives its first year. Unfortunately, marketing can be difficult for new business owners, especially if they are in a particular niche. In addition to this, there is often a lot of competition, other businesses that are also making themselves know to customers, so it can be more challenging for a newer company to find their feet.

This can be even more challenging if you decide to market your business on your own. According to statistics from NerdWallet, around 47% of small business owners do their own marketing, often opting for internet marketing to pull in their customers. But, these business owners find it difficult to generate traffic or leads to their services or product; during these methods, often having to look for alternative ways to market their company. If you’re a small business owner and you’re struggling to reach your customers, you might want to try these three innovative ways to market your company.

 Content Marketing For Better Reach and Exposure

For new small businesses, content marketing has become the way to gain exposure and reach more customers. If you go to a company’s website, you’ll notice that they have blogs, or some may have a YouTube channel as a way to market their business through their content. This practice of marketing is continuing to grow as YouTube, Instagram, and other social media services continue to grow in popularity. Content marketing can be an effective way of promoting your brand since it provides potential customers with any type of information about your business, your product, or even a topic that you specialize in. Its point isn’t to sell anything but allow you to raise brand awareness among your potential customers.

Social Media Marketing For Stronger Community Connections

All of us use some form of social media in our everyday lives, whether it’s watching videos on YouTube, watching TikTok videos, or even scrolling through our Twitter feeds. So, it wasn’t surprising when businesses started to market themselves in our social spaces. Since then, social media marketing has become a popular way of not only marketing to a target audience (through targeted ads) but also a way for business owners to reach out and interact with their customer base, creating a level of intimacy never reached before in other forms of marketing. Small business owners can use social media marketing to reach, interact with, and connect with their customers, giving them access to their products and services and becoming a part of the customer journey.

Traditional Marketing For Local Reach

Traditional marketing, such as direct mail, word of mouth, signs, and billboards, is still very effective in reaching a local audience. Now used in tandem with online marketing and social media, business owners are finding new and unique ways to encourage engagement with their business both online and off, for example, using banner hanging hardware to promote their social media and encouraging potential customers to interact with them through these platforms. You can also use this method of marketing to reach out to your customers and or vice versa, giving your business the reach you need to engage with your audience.

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