Adding a Classy Touch With a Baby Grand Piano

Baby grand pianos are perfect for those who are looking for the sound of a grand piano, but who do not have space for a full-size grand piano. However, you still need to do your homework before you make a purchase. Read on to ensure you know exactly what it is that is for sale.

A baby grand piano is as individual as any other piano. There will be great ones and not so great pianos out there, and amongst them will be the right baby grand piano for you. While cost is always a factor, also take note of hidden extras such as free delivery, care and tuning packages, and, of course, warranties or guarantees. These can save you a fortune, especially if you are buying a pre-owned baby grand piano. It means that any work that has been undertaken by the seller is covered, so if it goes wrong, they, and not you, are liable for the cost of putting it right. Of course, this does not cover any damage you do, or damage caused by misuse or not following care instructions. You may also want to save some money for a noise monitoring device, which protects your property and keeps neighbors happy.

When searching for baby grand pianos for sale, it is also important to note that there are variations in size, particularly in length. Any grand piano between 145cms and 152cms in length is considered a baby grand. You should expect the width to be around 152cms at the keyboard end and approximately 91cms at the tail end. If the piano varies too far from these measurements, then it is probably best to walk away.

Thinking of Buying an Antique Piano?

Do you buy new, used, or antique? Is there even much of a difference when it comes to baby grand pianos? The short answer is yes there is a difference, and which you buy depends on what you want and expect to get out of your purchase.

Baby grand pianos for sale include new, as well as pre-owned but barely used, and antiques. Each has its own personality, its own benefits, and its own drawbacks. A new baby grand piano for sale will not need any work; it will be in tune, fresh and ready to play. However, this also means that it will lack some of the characters of a second-hand baby grand piano. It may be more expensive to buy, but should, if looked after and properly maintained, need less work than a used baby grand piano.

A baby grand piano for sale that is second-hand but hardly used, is in many ways like buying a new baby grand piano, as long as it has been looked after. If it has been kept at a consistent temperature, has not suffered any damage, and hasn’t been exposed to extremes of humidity, then it is a good buy. The well-used antique can be the biggest gamble. It will be the best in terms of personality, but it could also be expensive to restore or repair, even over time. This is the type of purchase you need to scrutinise extensively before going ahead.

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