Top 3 Side Hustle Ideas

In the ever-increasing materialistic world we live in, do you ever find your money doesn’t quite cover the lifestyle you want? Many people are turning their spare time into time for a side hustle. It’s important to not think that a ‘hustle’ is something underground and sneaky because a side hustle means a job on the side.

Due to an increase in working from home, there has been a rise in people having a side hustle to gain extra income. The same financial rules apply with a side hustle such as tax etc, so it’s important to follow these.

Voice Over Work

Most people will say they don’t sound the same in their heads as they do on recordings. This shouldn’t put you off auditioning for voice-over work as this type of work is very lucrative. You do need a microphone and some time to read aloud, but it’s a very good form of passive income. If an author enjoys your voice, they will more than likely hire you for multiple or subsequent projects, which means more income in the long run. This is dependant on the sales of the book, but a lot of individuals that have recorded a book will get paid in different ways. Some authors will pay you a lump sum, however, some will pay you a small amount with each sale. It depends on the author and platform you use to record and submit auditions with.


Being a transcriptionist may seem like a dull job, however, if you have great touch typing skills, there is no reason why this side hustle should be struck off your list. There are many different forms of transcriptions from meeting minutes to radio shows to scripts and subtitles. So there is a vast array of types of transcription available to undertake. Due to the number of jobs, there are lots of different companies that you can work with to achieve extra income.

If you have specific skills such as being fluent in another language will make you more applicable for many jobs, as transcription writers with additional languages are highly desirable.

Delivery Driver

If you are looking for an immediate start many delivery driver jobs require very little apart from your car details and your driving license to start. Amazon Flex is a company that pays by the shift, which means you will get paid the same day as you work. There are lots of other companies such as fast food companies, Just Eat and Uber Eats are also reliable with working shifts. Most companies allow you to retain all your tips as well, which is a lucrative way to earn on top of your wages. If you are looking for the best delivery service to work for learn at Frugal Rules.

There are so many other options for side hustles, and more and more options become available the more you search. It is a good idea to do your research and only take on the work you can manage to complete so you don’t feel snowed under.

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