Which Aspects Of Interaction Frustrate Customers The Most?

It’s no great secret that you need to keep the customer happy in the world of business. The real mystery is finding out what that actually means in a practical sense. A big area that you will likely need to focus on most of all is in the actual interaction which you have with your customers. The quality of these moments are essential to keeping your customers in the right frame of mind regarding how they think of your business, and for that reason it can be useful to know what kind of aspects of this interaction tend to frustrate them most of all. Let’s take a look at just a few of these, so you have something to work on in order to improve your own interaction with customers.

The Hassle Of Security

There are many times when you will need to carry out certain security measures while speaking with a customer. These can be particularly annoying for both you and the customer, as they can take up valuable time and seem to get in the way of things. However, there are ways of making these processes as non-intrusive and as least annoying as possible, and it is worth thinking about some of those things if you want to speed things up and make them easier on everyone. You can, for instance, use a service like Jumio Netverify to ensure that any identification is swift and still secure. Or it might be a simple case of trying to find a way to make those pesky security question humorous, and so making them seem a little easier on the customer.

False Promises

If there is one swift way to really upset your customers, it is by promising them something you can’t actually deliver. It is easy to see how customer services employees can fall into this trap – after all, at first it appears to make the interaction a little easier and smoother. But for every second of this interaction which is made easier, a future one is made much harder, and it is overall just not worth letting that happen. It is far preferable to under-promise and overdeliver than to do the opposite, no matter how tempting it might be in the moment to try and keep them temporarily happy.

Misleading Information

It is important to try to be honest with your customers at all times, no matter what. This is perhaps nowhere quite so important as it is in the advertising and marketing. When you speak with your customers in order to promote a product or service, you should be sure not to allow them to think that you can give them something you can’t really give them. This can happen in surprisingly subtle ways, so you really do need to be careful and make sure that you don’t accidentally let a white lie slip. This requires a real grounded knowledge of your products and business, and good training all around. Be sure to provide these to your staff if you want to keep your customers happy.


  • Busy_Mum_Sophie

    March 22, 2018

    Had to laugh at this. As I was reading this article, I was on hold trying to prove who I was to be able to get into my OWN savings account! My bank certainly doesn’t provide any humor during this process; I can tell you that!

    • Daniela Bucatele

      March 23, 2018

      It’s frustrating isn’t it Busy Mum? I do so much online that when it comes to having to call specific companies, I begrudge having to go through this rigmarole.

  • Max

    March 25, 2018

    What frustrates me is how each member of staff can vary so differently, even though they’re usually reading from the same script. I had one guy point blank say no to a few days extension on a recent payment, while that same day another employee from the company said it was perfectly reasonable and accepted my request!

    • Daniela Bucatele

      March 25, 2018

      Max, I have had this same problem. I put it down to calling on a Monday morning verse Monday evening, but I know timing should not change such people’s attitudes.

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