Why Does a Business Need a Viral Marketing Campaign?

Viral marketing is one of the newest concepts in the digital marketing world. The idea of a single post or piece of content being shared across multiple platforms hundreds of thousands of times is the dream of many business owners. What many business owners do not yet realize is that not all viral content is accidental. A viral marketing campaign can offer many advantages to your business.

Increases Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is everything when it comes to a digital presence. In fact, many businesses will find it difficult to stay relevant in today’s technological times without a strong digital footprint. A viral marketing campaign has the ability to increase brand awareness substantially.

While social media users are unlikely to promote a brand for no reason, they are likely to share a piece of content that resonates with them. As that same piece is shared over and over again, viewers are taking note of the creator, or the brand that is behind it. This increase in brand awareness can also improve a brand’s credibility, which can be especially helpful to a new business.

Offers Low Marketing Cost

Most business owners would agree that the best marketing campaign is one that is cost-effective but also successful. While this might seem like an unrealistic expectation, a viral marketing campaign can offer just that. Although there are some costs involved with creating the campaign, the rest is left to the internet.

By playing off a reader’s emotions and popular topics, businesses have the ability to reach more viewers for a fraction of the cost of traditional types of marketing.

Extends Your Reach

Navigating international marketing is entirely different than reaching the customers in your hometown. A marketing campaign that does really well in your home state, for example, may not work as well with those living in another country. This can present a challenge to businesses that are hoping to expand to new markets, whether nationally or internationally.

A viral marketing campaign, however, has no limits. It has the ability to extend reach beyond your founding city and all over the world. Viral content is also easily shareable across multiple platforms. Instead of focusing entirely on one or two forms of social media, this boost in location reach means you have the ability to reach a brand-new group of customers.

Encourages Discussion

Many brands struggle with creating a viral marketing campaign. Successful viral content not only speaks to your emotions, but it also encourages discussion. It makes people think and talk. It creates debates, arguments, and agreements.

The one thing that is consistent throughout all of the discussion is your business. People will remember that you took a stand on something, and whether or not they agree with that viewpoint, it will stick with them, which is the ultimate goal of marketing.

We have all witnessed the power of viral content. A single post is shared, discussed, and reshared hundreds of thousands of times. A carefully planned viral marketing campaign can be an especially powerful tool for businesses.

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