Communication Tools Every Business Will Need in 2019

In every sector of the economy, good communication protocols and tools are the key to success. Establishing timely, efficient, and secure channels for communication within your own organization vital to long-term viability, and without these channels it is impossible to deliver even the most basic services to customers, clients, and colleagues alike.

While the modern business world offers an almost unlimited number of resources to help businesses achieve their communications goals, as technology develops, the communication tools available are evolving rapidly.

Here are some of the most exciting ways new communication technology can help your business in 2019.

Every year, the range of cyber security threats confronting businesses expands. Between costly data breaches, malware infestations, and third party surveillance for the purposes of corporate espionage, it’s never been more important to make sure your internal communications are protected.

Incorporating an advanced secure messaging platform that uses the best encryption software on the market today is one of the best ways to protect your business against the risk of cyber attack.

Cutting-edge smartphone encryption like ChatMail Secure’s CAMP protocol allow you to use modern communication tools like chat and voice and image messaging without needing to worry about your messages being intercepted and decrypted by operators outside of your organization.

One of the things that distinguishes the CAMP protocol from other forms of encryption software is that CAMP is designed to make communication between users as seamless as possible. ChatMail’s CAMP protocol uses proprietary encryption software based on Elliptical Curve Cryptography, but ChatMail users can also communicate using the more widely available PGP encryption. Because users can access contacts using either form of encryption from the same contact list, it is no longer necessary to manually switch between different encryption tools.

But ChatMail isn’t just designed to allow users to smoothly navigate their contact list. The CAMP protocol also allows users to communicate via chat, voice message, and image message, and provides customizable options for automatic message deletion to keep confidential information confidential.

This last feature is particularly important, as it ensures that the backlog of messages in email chains are regularly deleted and only the most recent messages saved. Furthermore, ChatMail’s protocol doesn’t store any information on servers, so the only way to access the messages being sent and received is through the device itself.

This provides an added layer of security that guarantees the greatest possible cyber security. It is even possible to set a duress password to automatically destroy any sensitive data you have should someone try to tamper with your device.

Whether you are a small, growing, or established business, developing a good overall communication strategy for your business is will play a major role in determining the extent to which you can compete in the modern economy.  Success is a lot easier if you have the right tools, which is why you should consider adopting encrypted smartphones as part of your business plan in the coming year.

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