6 Online Fundraising Ideas and Strategies for Nonprofits

With so many calamities taking place across the globe, it takes a willing spirit and a few strategies to raise funds for a good cause. Take a look at some of these online fundraising tips and ideas that you can put to practice in your non-profit entity.

#1: Sell Tickets

Considering that nonprofits have several events throughout their calendar aimed at raising funds, the quickest way to get people to commit themselves to the cause is to invite them to the occasion and sell the entry tickets to them. Depending on the activities taking place during the event and the target amount you intend to raise on that day, you can either mark up or reduce the price. For instance, if the event aims to raise awareness about a particular problem, it means that the only amount that is likely to be collected will come from the ticket sales. For you to hit your target, invite several individuals and charge them moderately for the tickets. In case you have a specific group of people in mind, you can keep the guest list limited and mark up the price.

#2: Prize Draws

Holding prize draws are other brilliant ways to raise funds online for charity. It gives you an opportunity to select gifts to award the winners of the draw. Some of the rewards to include in a prize draw include cars, tickets to a holiday destination, jewellery, artefacts, and gadgets among many more. Just make several vouchers for the gifts and put a price tag on them. You can them let the participants know that for every coupon they buy, they attain more chances to win the prizes at stake. You can opt to invest in prize home tickets instead and attract a particular target audience, preferably from the high-end market. This way, you can search for some of the most appealing homes in the real estate market and plan for an online draw. Provide vouchers for your guest to buy at a specified standard price. Provide a few tickets with the winning numbers that will serve the purpose of identifying the lucky drawers. Take an approach like that of yourtown where the organisation holds prize home draws for houses with varying values up to ten times a year to maximise on the donations.

#3: Plan an Online Auction

Auctions are excellent ways for nonprofits to raise money. Find several artefacts, jewellery, and other valuable items that can be of interest to your target audience. Place a starting bid on each of the elements you have. Select a suitable day and platform to hold the auction. Ensure that you advertise about the event on several social media platforms to gain a broader audience reach.

#4: Hold a Birthday Fundraiser

When is your organisation turning a year older? Take that day and dub it ‘Birthday Fundraiser.’ Have all your potential donors aware of the drive and its intent. Rather than have them send physical cheques and money, create an online bank account and have them wire their contributions to it. If you usually hold a party during this day, you can include those who won’t make it for the event by providing an online donations forum. Prompt them to send their gifts in the form of money instead of other items they may have in mind.

#5: Social Media Fundraising Campaigns

Social media can be used to do almost everything including raising money. Come up with a campaign to raise awareness about a disease or calamity. In honour of that campaign, ask your potential donors to give a specific minimum amount of money for your organisation to reach its target and use the money to solve that particular problem. For purposes of credibility, get other renowned sponsors to back you up. You can choose to raise on one platform at a day or do a collective one on a single day. However, keep in mind the social medium platform you choose will depend on the audience you want to attract.

#6: Hold an Apparel Sale

You can consider apparel sales when thinking of how to raise money for charity ideas. You need not to have a fancy logo or slogan for you to sell apparel. Just drag along highly authoritative individuals in this sector and see your attires sell out. You can opt to add more sophisticated items to the line aside from the usual t-shirts and wristbands. Add more complicated things like shoes and tracksuits to the line. You can also team up with local and international businesses to do the same. For instance, join hands with a kitchenware company and hold a flash sale. Brand the items that are up for grabs and advertise the event online targeting hoteliers, stay at home parents or other individuals who are fond of cooking. Let the shoppers know that for every item they purchase, a certain percentage from the sale will be donated to your organisation to tackle a specific menace in a particular region.

Online fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations are not hard to come up with. However, actualising these strategies can be a challenge especially if your organisation is still new to this field. You may find difficulties in finding donors, but you can tackle this issue by bringing on board local businesses and trusted charity entities into your campaigns. Take advantage of holidays like Christmas to prompt people to donate towards your cause. Remember to be persuasive but most importantly find ways to make your potential donors empathise with the people you are out to help.

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