Facial Recognition Technology Applications for Better Marketing

Today a business has to use every advantage offered by technology to have a chance of standing out on a competitive market. Facial recognition technology can grant you that edge as it’s only starting to gain popularity. There are many ways to apply these solutions in order to boost your marketing and improve your understanding of your customers. Look at the businesses and organizations already using facial recognition to get inspiration.

Facial Recognition Technology Today: How Effective Is It?

According to the UK Metropolitan Police, facial recognition tech provides inaccurate results in 98 percent of cases. This means that the tech in question has a long way to go yet. However, while it might not be up to the Met’s accuracy standards, this technology fares quite well for businesses today.

To see how facial recognition can be applied in business, one needs to look toward China, a country that’s definitely embracing the technology. By doing so, China also brings awareness to not only its efficiency but its dark side as well. In this particular case, this means enhanced population surveillance from the government.

However, China is at the lead in commercial applications of this tech, for example a KFC in Beijing uses facial recognition to offer menu suggestions based on age, mood, and gender. It’s the data-gathering capabilities of this tech that your business should be harnessing. As the consumers of today are looking for personalized experiences, this tech becomes an invaluable tool as it can take personalization to the next level.

How to Use Facial Recognition Tech to Boost Your Business and Marketing: 3 Ideas to Try

  1. Creating fun AR apps.
    Facial recognition technology can help you create a simple AR (augmented reality) solution that will join the array of specialized tools for gaining more Instagram followers. All you need for that is to create a solution that will use this tech to add simple fun features to photographs, like cat ears and whiskers. Facial recognition will change the graphics to reflect the change in the user’s facial expressions. Instagram is the best place to launch this feature to boost your social media marketing.
  2. Conducting consumer research.
    The most valuable application of this tech for business is gathering and aggregating data which you can later use to boost your business. Start with face recognition used at public events to track your targeted audience and understand what their interests are. Today you can use solutions that will track eye movement and recognize basic emotions. This will enable you to understand which products/ads invoke a better reaction from customers. You will also be able to develop a customer profile by analyzing the data of people who show the highest level of interest.
  3. Personalizing ads.
    Take a look at the Expedia Discover Your Aloha The company uses facial recognition while customers view different videos of vacation experiences. The tech analyzes reactions and uses the data to create personalized offers based on the experiences which the viewers liked most. This approach can be used to analyze how consumers react to your ads and tailoring personalized ad packages to make a better impression in the future.

All in all, the applications of facial recognition tech in marketing are many. And you should start using it now while the solutions are still new.

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