How to Get Your Commercial Premises Ready for Opening

If you’re about to open a new location, or your very first commercial premises, then this is an exciting time for your business. You’ll have the opportunity to reach out to the local community and make your products or services more accessible. There are few last minute things to remember, however, if you want your grand opening to be a success. You also need to come up with clever marketing strategies to get the word out there.

Here’s how to get your commercial premises ready for opening.

Carry Out Final Maintenance Checks

It’s a good idea to get all maintenance out of the way before you open as this could cause downtime otherwise and get in the way of business operations. Contact a reliable electrical company such as Caslec Electrical & Data, for instance, to ensure everything is in working order. You may also want to check your plumbing, security, and any other relevant systems a final time.

Promote the Event Online

Before the event you need to promote your grand opening online. Opening a commercial premises gives you a great opportunity for promotion and new marketing strategies. You could create a landing page for the event, for example, and optimize this for local SEO. Be active on social media and post plenty of ads as part of a countdown to your grand opening. These could include offers and discounts for your followers as well.

Get Involved in the Local Community

If you’re opening a brick-and-mortar premises then you’ll likely be relying on local business as proximity will be a factor. This means you need to focus on local advertising. You could collaborate with other local businesses, for example. They could promote your business at their premises or even online. You could guest post on their blog or make a podcast or virtual event together. Reap the mutual benefits of collaborative marketing.

Boost Your Business Curb Appeal

You need to ensure your storefront looks great before the grand opening. This will help to boost your business curb appeal. Add a touch of greenery with mini landscaping projects, even if you only have space for a window box or pot plants. You also need top-notch signage so that potential customers will recognize what type of products or services you offer from a mile away. The appearance of your storefront should reflect the promise your brand is making to your customers and appeal to their lifestyle and preferences, so bear this in mind when working on your design.

Display Offers and Discounts

Display offers and discounts to lure new customers in. These should be the same as the ones you promote online. Consistency is very important. You could even consider offering freebies such as customized promotional items. Set up a referral campaign as well and offer customers a discount in exchange for recommending you to a friend. If you spend time and effort promoting your grand opening and providing excellent service on the day, it’s much more likely to be a big success.

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