Using Google Page Ranking to Boost Your Business

Competition in business is always the hardest thing to contend with. As such, you need to find ways to stay ahead of the game, relevant and visible. Of course, this would be Yellow Pages ads, local newspapers, and word of mouth in the old days. But the world has moved on, and whether you like it or not, you may have to move on with it.

You will have heard of search engines like Google. But you might not know how they work for a business or displaying search results. They work by using search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is a vast and complex subject, but in a nutshell, Google looks for specific content related to a search term and displays results accordingly. One of the best methods for reaching the top of the search list as an area-based service is local SEO.

Here are some local SEO tips you can try.

Add a Blog to Your Website

One of the best ways to sneak in some information for local rankings is to blog about your services. Many businesses now develop a blog on their site. This not only provides an extra means of SEO for local areas but can help customers with common problems, provide additional information on your services and highlight your professionalism. For example, for your restaurant maintenance business, you could mention that you offer a professional exhaust hood system cleaning serving such an area, wherever your location is.

When relevant, you should mention this as often as possible so Google and other search engines will associate your business with that specific search term in a particular location. You should also try to stay relevant. For example, create content based on local news stories and events such as helping a charity raise money.

Configure Your Local SEO

Local SEO is often underused and overlooked. Yet, it will significantly boost your search engine ranking when clients search for your service in your location. To configure local SEO properly, however, you need to create a Google My Business Account. This isn’t free but doesn’t cost much. And the benefits extend far beyond helping with local searches and boosting your page ranking.

When you register your business with Google My Business, you will subsequently become part of Google Maps. Additionally, customers can leave reviews of your company. This is invaluable if you provide a quality service since 62% of people will read a review such as those on Google before deciding about buying a product or hiring a company or service. Just remember to respond responsibly and not be rude to negative reviews.

Don’t Forget the About Us Page

The About Us page is an essential part of a blog. It is there to provide company information. However, it exists to make a personal connection between customer and service. Proudly introduce your staff members on your about page and state what you stand for. Some company history is also a welcome addition to the About Us section. But you really use it for sneaking in some local SEO.

Local SEO on your About Us page should include opening times, operating hours, locations you serve, name, address, phone number, customer testimonials, and Google Maps locator. Including all of this information makes it easier for Google to recommend your company to a search user based on the precise criteria they search for. Local SEO like this is therefore necessary when looking to boost your ranking among the localized search.

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