Your Brief Guide to eCommerce Shipping

Price, variety and convenience are the three key advantages of eCommerce shopping over brick and mortar stores. After all, who doesn’t want to complete a purchase with their smart phone, during their lunch break? But one impediment left in the industry is shipping – how to get reliable, inexpensive shipping and pass those benefits on to the consumer. This is your brief guide to eCommerce shipping.

Low Price

Of course, fans of eCommerce state that their system will eventually replace all the offline, beick and mortar stores. While that is probably unlikely (at least in the near future), what do the Canadian eCommerce shopping statistics reveal? The good news is that eCommerce continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

According to PFS Commerce, the Canada eCommerce market is expected to reach the $40 billion plateau by 2018, and every week, 17% of Canadians are making online retail purchases. Not only that, but people are very cosmopolitan in their spending habits, with 67% of their purchases from foreign companies.

Dropshipping stores don’t need to pay a lot for overhead, so they can charge lower prices. The eCommerce business can therefore pass these savings onto the consumer.

Great Selection

Furthermore, some cheaper international products are easier to sell online. When you can source your products from different countries, you have a better chance of finding just the right product for your consumer. Every country has its own special merchandise.

Consumers do not need to get in the car and search through a coat rack in the back of the store to find what they need; they can simple go online and type a keyword to find the product, color and price that they want. Online selection cannot be beaten.

Anytime Convenience

Canadians might be busier than ever before. With eCommerce, they can search your online store to see what is available during their breaks and down time, which allows them to quickly, conveniently decide if you are offering the best deal.

The 24/7/365 anytime convenience of eCommerce is particularly beneficial for those who work overnight shifts, since by the time they get home, the offline stores are closed. The availability of eCommerce allows them to complete essential purchases anytime.

Valuable Shipping App

But, as mentioned in the introduction, the one key drawback of eCommerce is shipping. A good solution would be for you to use a shipping app that lets you find cheap courier shipping. A shipping app that offers a broker service (that is, one that offers a choice of discounted rates on courier shipping) can provide your customers with cheap, real-time shipping rates – you can visit netParcel to learn more about this kind of service.

People want to be empowered to control their costs. With real-time shipping rates, they can justify making a purchase online. You have solved their shipping conundrum and advanced the eCommerce sector.

While the figures for eCommerce market growth can provide you with a lot of optimism, there is still room to grow. Providing the best solutions can make it easier for your customers to complete their purchases. They can enjoy low prices, selection and convenience when you provide cheap, international eCommerce shipping through a broker app, and offer real-time rates.

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