How to Create a World Class Customer Service System

Customer support can be a nightmare if you don’t have a set system in place. The simplest thing you could do to create a seamless customer support system is to use a customer service CRM software.

A customer service CRM is a cloud based software that automates the process of enquiry and query management.

Let’s say you run an E Commerce website and every week you get a stream of queries – like 100’s. In such a case here’s how you can use the service CRM to automate the process of customer support.

The Automated Chat Bot Tool

So let’s say a customer lands on your website – he sees a t –shirt he likes – but he finds out that you are out of his XXL size.

He probably is going to leave your website and hit up a competitor – but right before he leaves an automated chatbot pops up asking him “Hey – How Can I help you today”.

He then replies with his size issue. The chat system of a customer service software would then automatically generate a ticket and send it to the nearest available agent who would then start a conversation with your customer and will proceed to bring this customer into your sales pipeline by telling him he could probably pre – order a t-shirt and you will have it delivered in a few days.

The chat system hits two targets:

  1. It gives you the platform needed to solve customer objections and queries as soon as it pops up.
  2. It also lets you ensure that the visitor doesn’t leave your store without at least entering your sales funnel.

Make Use of a Knowledge Management Software to Solve Queries Instantly

So – let’s assume that the website visitor has asked you when the next batch of XXL t shirts are going to arrive.

A customer service CRM uses something called Knowledge Base which is nothing but a group of articles, FAQ’s and updates available on the service CRM dashboard itself. The knowledge base gives your agents access to all the questions that a customer can ask.

So when the customer enquiries about the size availability – your agent can immediately look up the knowledge base to find the answer to this question. This solves tickets faster, keeps the customer happy and lets your agent move onto the next ticket in line.

When you use a customer service CRM – it takes out a lot of uncertainty in the mind of your customer – because when he sees that you  are available at the touch of a button – he begins to have faith in you and your product. Not to mention the amount of automation that you bring to this support process will help you focus your energies on tasks like lead generation, marketing and selling.

Customer Service CRM’S are usually offered on a pay-as-you-go-model, so it will definitely not cost you a fortune and you can marshal your existing resources towards other tasks.

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