Taking Action This Year After the Global Pandemic

The new year is always going to be a time of reflection. Traditionally, at the beginning of the year, it can have people feeling a little down and out. The weather is cold, the festivities are over, and you are left with the prospect of the next twelve months and there can be a worry that you don’t quite know what to do with it.

Many people make resolutions, and try to act on all of them on the first day, but often this can set you up for a fall. Using the start of the year as a time of reflection and thinking about setting goals can help you to achieve them.

The one thing to be mindful of, is that we have all been through a turbulent twelve months. The global pandemic has meant that lockdowns and social distancing restrictions have been in place. We haven’t seen family or friends, some have not been able to work, children haven’t been in school and it has been an unprecedented time. However, as we enter this year, it means that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Which might mean that we are starting to finally make some plans and do the things that we have been missing out on these last twelve months. You may be wanting to do so much, but to have every intention that you want to make the most of this time. So what can you do? Making this year the best yet is easier than you think, here are some suggestions on what you can do.

Focus on Yourself

There are many people who focus their entire resolutions and goals around how they feel. There are so many areas that you could cover, each will benefit you in a different way. Let’s start with an obvious one. Dieting or changing your diet to be a little healthier. Many people overindulge in the festive season, and they like the idea of enjoying all of the chocolate and treats. But this can often mean that there is a bit of weight gain over the holiday season. Avoid trying extreme diets, as although they can give you rapid results they are just not sustainable. Instead try and balance your diet and make slower progress. You are likely to feel much better in yourself. Have more energy and feel good.

Another way you can focus on yourself is through fitness. A lot of people have a goal of getting fitter in the new year, but can lose motivation once they start. January can be a time of year of pressure, so try and avoid that and set yourself smaller targets. Maybe just walking each day, or trying to make a decision to be more active. You will soon see the benefits.

Lastly a change of mindset may be exactly what you need to think about in the new year. It could be that you feel negative right now, which is understandable as a lot of people feel the same at this time of year. Focusing on your thoughts and how you react to situations can make a huge difference. Positivity is like any habit, you need to break old ones and develop new ones.

Focus on Your Finances

Maybe this year is all about your finances. You are wanting to be a little more financially savvy, save more for things in the future, or just get more financially independent. It could be that you look at a home loan to consolidate debts or look at giving yourself better rates for home improvements. It might be that you focus on paying debts off, clearing credit cards or overdrafts so that you can be debt free in the new year. It might be that you may want to think about a same day loan to help you with unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes there are situations where you need some extra help to get you back on your feet. As often we cannot predict when there will be a hit on our finances.

Perhaps your focus might be on your current income and what you have left after your bills. You may want to look at ways that you can save money, or try and make some changes to your spending habits. The food bill is one example of where you can make big changes. Meal planning instead of just buying what you think you need. Having a list or switching from branded to unbranded products.

Focus on Your Career

Perhaps the new year is the time you decide to make some changes with your career. It could be that you have never known what you have wanted to until now, so you are going to make changes to ensure you achieve it. Maybe this involves going back to university or college to study for specific degrees. Or gaining qualifications so that you can change career or finally go for that promotion you have been wanting.

Some people even see the new year as motivation to start up on their own. Creating a business from home and working for themselves. It can be an exciting prospect, but one that takes a lot of work and dedication. You may already have something in the pipeline. A blog or YouTube channel that is doing well or a hobby you know you can monetise.

Maybe this last year has meant you have lost your job, or perhaps finally took that plunge and started a business. If that sounds like you then you may have more goals and inventions for this year more than usual when it comes to your working life. Making this the year that you take those steps, have the faith to make it happen to change your career and ultimately change your life.

What Goals Have Been Put on Hold?

There are likely to have been things you wanted to do last year. Maybe you wanted to get married or even had your wedding booked. Perhaps you wanted to move house. Maybe you had holidays booked. So many people had plans and goals last year and had to put them on hold. So now might be the time to make those things happen.

In terms of your wedding, maybe you could now start to think about booking things again. Perhaps getting a date in the diary, speaking with the venue and booking suppliers and freelancers for the big day. So many businesses have been affected by the last twelve months so this could be a great way to give you something to look forward to. If you had holidays booked, maybe you could rebook them now? It could be time to start putting firm plans in place rather than everything being an unknown. You could have goals to move home, so why not make that change? The economy needs to start moving again, and as you start to do all of the things you wanted to do, you will start to help in your own way, as well as giving yourself all of these things to look forward to so that this year is the year to make it happen.

Focus on Fun and Family Time

Finally, maybe your focus for the year is all about family. After all, the year we have all been through, we want to try and be with our family and loved one, more than ever. It could be that you want to plan your weekends carefully so that you can enjoy days out or quality family time. Maybe travel is on the cards once again, and you want to enjoy family time seeing different places. Taking time out to write a list of what you would like to do can help you to be reminded of things, especially when life can get overwhelming. After this year, many of us will have grand plans on the things that we want to do, the places we want to go and the experiences that we want to have. Having a bucket list in place can help you to understand what you might want to prioritise. For many, the thought of seeing children’s faces when they can enter a soft play or head to the beach again, the look on our partners faces when a date night out of the home is on the cards, and the look of family and friends that we haven’t seen for some time, are the thoughts that are getting you through these last few weeks and months of restrictions. Many of us will never take for granted some of the simple things we have done in the past ever again.

This last year has been so strange, but with so much put on hold, there is now no better time than now to start thinking about what this year has in store and making it the best it can be. Let’s hope some of the suggestions above have given you the inspiration to take action and make this the best year yet.

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