Turn Teaching into Business: 4 Ideas for Making Money and Impact

Being a teacher doesn’t mean that you can only work in schools. There’s a variety of business opportunities for teachers in Singapore ranging from private tutoring to starting an educational blog online. The most important components that will decide your success are being good in your subject and having a passion for imparting that knowledge.

4 Great Ideas on How to Turn Teaching into a Business

Idea #1: Launch an Educational Channel on YouTube

The story of Eddie Woo, a math teacher from Sydney who recently won Australia’s Local Hero Award is an inspiration to all modern teachers. Although not in it for the money but for spreading the love for his subject, one cannot deny that Mr. Woo’s YouTube channel is a source of income due to the platform’s monetization policies.

However, the most important thing is that this channel made the teacher a celebrity who has won teaching awards and is now sought after to teach seminars. In essence, Eddie Woo has turned himself into a brand popular within his niche. In the meantime, he has helped thousands of kids develop a love for math, traditionally most hated of school subjects.

When launching your own channel you can start with offering additional materials for your students. Then, add some online marketing to promote your channel on YouTube and social media. Bear in mind to remain profitable and effective your channel must be active, which means posting new lessons regularly and frequently. The good news is that this formal enables short lessons where you can show off your creativity and personal teaching style.

Idea #2: Become a Personal Tutor

You can use a specialized online platform to find tuition jobs in Singapore. This will allow you to build up a reputation with an agency that is trusted by parents. Personal advertising online will also work, but it’s less effective.

Becoming an online tutor will provide you with a stable income and you can use this profession as your full or part-time job. Tutoring via Skype or similar services enables you to take on more students and reduces travel expenses. You will also be able to teach even those outside of Singapore, so if your language skills allow, you can look up foreign tutoring platforms as well. However, those can have legal restrictions, so research the country’s laws if you want to work officially.

Idea #3: Teach and Sell Online Classes

The popularity of online courses has risen greatly and continues to grow. Creating and selling your own classes is the most lucrative opportunity if you want to turn teaching into a business today.

You can create an online course using specialized platforms or the solutions offered by the platforms of your choice. The most popular ‘marketplaces’ for selling this kind of service today are Udemy, WizIQ, Kajabi, and OpenSesame. You can also find websites that specialize in courses on a single subject. Use both kinds of platforms for maximum reach.

Idea #4: Start a Teaching Blog and Sell Your Materials

Having a blog is very much like having a YouTube channel. In fact, you should have both in order to turn your teaching career into a successful online business. The lessons you offer online will no doubt require additional materials. Some e-books you can write yourself and sell them along with podcasts and other helpful learning materials developed by yourself. You can also add an online store to your blog to sell the materials developed by other parties.


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    May 7, 2018

    I have just been introduced to Udemy, but from a learning point of view. You can only imagine my excitement at finding out that someone like me could offer students my years of experience as well! If I were a student now, I would love to discover something new through online learning.

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      Daniela Bucatele

      May 8, 2018

      Kay, I have spoken to many people who are just realizing that they can teach through this popular platform. I think that if you have a specialty which you know could help others, then places such as Udemy offer you a chance to both provide your knowledge, as well as get paid to do so.

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    May 10, 2018

    I have a blog, a YouTube channel and have recently signed up to teach computer programming at Udemy. If you have valuable experience and can plan some high quality content for your lessons, I don’t think you’ll have much difficulty in getting your skills out there.


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