Do You Understand the Importance of Employee Well Being?

If you are embracing the emergence of remote working, the chances are that you are having to give your employees more responsibility to dictate their working hours, their work ethic, and their time management. As a boss, it can be nerve-wracking to shun the office in favor of at-home working.

However, the advent of a global pandemic has forced flexible working upon every small business. It is crucial that you are able to facilitate this to protect the well being of your employees. As an employer, it is important that you live up to your pastoral responsibilities and care for your employees’ mental and physical well being.


Being at home alone sat at the dining room table trying to complete reports and organize client meetings can feel isolating. While working from home may be a novel and exciting experience in the first few weeks, your employees can quickly miss the camaraderie of the office and the ability to separate their work and home lives. It’s vital that you communicate with your staff team regularly. Have a Monday morning virtual briefing in the same way as you would have your physical stand-up meeting in the office. Give your employees the opportunity to voice concerns and contribute ideas. Follow this up with a Friday social virtual gathering. This less formal and work-related meet-up is perfect for when times are unusual and the new normal is challenging to adjust to. This is the equivalent of after-work drinks and ideal for those individuals who are anxious about their current working arrangements.

Ask for Feedback

If remote working is a new experience for your employees, you will want to check-in and see how they are finding it. By using staff surveys by PeoplePulse, you can ask nuanced questions and ask for honest responses. Analyzing this feedback should allow you to adapt the working methods and patterns to help your employees feel more positive toward their new ways of working. For example, some of your staff team may be struggling with their sleep patterns and can struggle to work productively in the morning like they normally would. You can respond to this and employ a round-the-clock working hours approach, where as long as the work gets done to an exceptional standard, it doesn’t matter if it’s completed at midnight or midday.


By developing a more nuanced and sensitive approach to your workforce, you can increase their levels of productivity. You can facilitate a working environment that is a beacon of positivity in your staff team’s lives. They can log on to the network from home and know that there is a supportive environment for them. Ensure that you always have an open virtual door policy so staff can come to you with any concerns. Be honest and transparent with them and ensure that they feel cared for. Value your employees by giving them a shout out and namechecking individuals that go above and beyond.

Working through a global pandemic isn’t easy. However, by looking out for the well being of your employees, you can create a happy, content, and productive working environment, even remotely.

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