4 Ideas to Use Storytelling in Your Marketing Campaigns

In the world of marketing, storytelling means to communicate your brand story, using a unique narrative. The intention is to inspire the audience to feel emotions, engage with your values, and pursue a desired action. The story should inspire the audience members to care about your brand and help them to understand just why they should care. Above all, your brand storytelling should humanize your company.

So how exactly can you use storytelling techniques in your marketing campaigns? Let’s take a closer look.

Share How Your Company Began

The foundation of your brand story should share with your audience how your company began. Here are a few tips to help you create an engaging brand story.

  • Determine the essence of your company: It’s important to tell an authentic brand story and to do this, you need to determine your essence. What is your USP, your personality and your values?
  • Problem & resolution: All good stories need a problem and a resolution. What problem did you identify the market before you started your brand? How does your product or service resolve that problem?

Reveal Your Company Culture

The longer you are in business, the more that your company culture will develop and grow. Revealing your company culture is another great way to use storytelling in your marketing campaigns. You can use social media to give your audience a sneak preview of what it’s like ‘behind the scenes’ at your workplace. Demonstrating a strong company culture will help you to humanize your business and become more appealing to your target audience and potential future employees. Developing a strong company culture is an essential aspect of growing your business.

Use Visual Storytelling Tools

There are so many ways to tell marketing stories, whether through video, image or text. To help you create the perfect visual storytelling materials, try using the following tools:

  • Ceros: Using this design platform, you can create ebooks, infographics, and websites, even if you know nothing about coding. Whether you want to create an animation story or use social media plug-ins, Ceros has everything that you need.
  • Visme: Using this software, you can create graphics, presentations, infographics, reports and more. You can also incorporate video, animation, and audio, as you require. To create a beautiful visual story, Visme is the perfect tool.

Use Customer Stories Too

Last up; customer-generated content is a fantastic tool to use in your storytelling. Ultimately these are the real stories of your brand, the real people who are enjoying your products and services. To encourage customers to create content, it can be helpful to give them an incentive, for example, a competition.

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